Alexander Maravegias

Immediately once I saw Franky Zapata’s video on YouTube, I knew I had to be a part of this! I contacted him, the owner and inventor of Zapata Racing and made sure to present when the first shipment of flyboards came to America. I quickly became 1 out of the 10 distributors in the states. I own Miami Flyboard and Lake Lanier Flyboard, and have recently expanded this local business into Lake Lanier Water Sports to bring you highly sought after jet ski rentals in addition to the thrilling flyboard experience. I cannot wait to continue to grow in the near future! Thank you to the loyal and adventurous customers that keep us flying high and expanding to bring you more excitement! 


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Jessica Sheridan

I am so happy to join Lake Lanier Water Sports and help with the expansion to jet ski rentals. I love watching people challenge themselves and overcome their fears when tackling flyboarding for the first time. It is a thrill! I’m a cheerleader at heart and cannot wait to cheer you on! I am pumped to see the excitement as the jet skis take on the islands!  We are here to make your summer amazing during these crazy times. Come see us at our two locations at Margaritaville Lanier Islands and let us know if we can help with private parties too!

Our Future Flight Crew!

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When you visit us you will find our wild, five boys hanging out on the lake with us this summer. They are looking forward to one day running the business and sending you high in the sky!

You will find them playing ball, building sand castles, trying to catch fish (and convincing us to keep them as pets!) and begging to flyboard! Come join the fun!

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