Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding, also known as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), is a captivating water sport that combines balance, strength, and tranquility. Whether you’re cruising along a calm lake, riding the gentle waves of the ocean, or exploring winding rivers, paddle boarding offers a unique and exhilarating experience.



Kayak boating, is a popular water sport and recreational activity that involves using a kayak to navigate through various bodies of water. Kayaks are narrow boats that are typically propelled using a double-bladed paddle.

Kayaking can be a solo activity, allowing for moments of tranquility and self-reflection. It can also be a fantastic way to bond with friends and family, as kayaks can be easily paddled in groups or tandem kayaks can be used for shared adventures.


Things to know

IMPORTANT – READ BELOW Driver must be 18+ year of age – Credit Card matching name of the person on reservation – Valid Drivers License (16+) – Must arrive 25 mins prior to reservation – 48 hour cancellation allowed at no charge, otherwise we charge full rental amount – Weather call is made by Lake Lanier Water Sports at the TIME of rental

What to do

Arrive 20-25 mins early to our jet ski station located at Harbor Landing Marina. This will give us the necessary time prior to departure to fill out paperwork, perform craft inspection, and fit for life jackets. We cannot accommodate for time lost due to not reporting to dock 20-25 mins early.

What to bring

  • Valid Credit Card, matching the name of person on reservation, to keep on file for damages
  • Valid Drivers License (16+)
  • Charged Phone
  • Sunscreen

What to wear

  • Shoes are not necessary
  • Waterproof watch is helpful to keep track of time
  • Sunglasses can work but we would suggest wearing retainer so you don’t loose it.

Cancellation Policy

We will require a 48 hour notice for cancellation for customers to receive a full refund. Cancellations within 48 hours of your appointment time will not be refunded. If weather is unfavorable for your appointment time, you will be asked to reschedule or a full refund will be given. Due to high demand, if you are more than 15 minutes late we reserve the right to cancel your booking with no refund. When you make an appointment we are saving that spot for you. If you do not arrive, then we cannot provide that spot to other inquiring customers. We will do our best to work with you on rescheduling or putting you in line again if possible. We require that the card be kept on file for incidentals. 

Please arrive 20-25 minutes early for check in.
If you are late, it will cut into your time.
Parking fees and entrance fees to the park may apply.
A valid drivers license is needed to operate the JET SKI.
A major credit card must be put on file for incidentals.
*Speeding in a no wake zone will result in a $100 fine and we reserve the right to cancel your
reservation with no refund.
*Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

*Late Fees: For every 15 minutes the jet ski is not returned at the time your session was supposed to end, there will be a $30 late fee. Please understand that there are other people who are waiting for you to get back so they can start their Jet Ski rental, so if you’re late, then that makes everyone else late which causes complications to our schedule.


The 100-foot law means you must keep 100 feet away from any and all vessels around you in open
water. 100 feet apart in a no wake zone.
No switching of Jet Ski in the middle of the lake or you are going to roll over the Jet Ski.
No beaching to Jet Ski.
Alcohol or illegal substances are prohibited. If you are under the influence of alcohol, we have the right
to cancel your reservation without refund.
For a full refund, you must cancel 24 hours in advance.
Bookings made on the day of the activity may not be refunded due to scheduling conflicts.

Law and Regulations

Georgia law requires jet ski drivers to be 16 years old to drive/operate a rental jet ski. All drivers must provide a driver’s license upon leaving the dock for your excursion. If you are 12-15 years old and have an adult 18 years old or over with you on the jet ski, you may receive their written permission to drive the jet ski. Even with the Georgia Boaters Safety Course you must still have an adult with you to operate the jet ski if you are under 16. The tests are located for a fee at if desired.